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Wills and Estates

If you desire a say in what happens to your estate and who administers it, a valid last will and testament is a necessity. In your will, you can detail your own wishes regarding who inherits from you, when they can inherit, and if there are any conditions that should be applied for individuals to be eligible for an inheritance. You also decide and name the person(s) you trust to administer your estate.

Because of the sensitive nature of a last will and testament, it is always a good idea to work closely with a will and estate lawyer who can help you navigate the process and make sure that all of your wishes are clearly defined. At Patrick Law Group, our probate lawyers are experienced in creating and revising these legal contracts, and will use that experience to help you create a last will and testament that accurately reflects your wishes for your estate.


A trust can be an excellent tool for customizing your estate plan. Because there are numerous kinds of trusts, it is important to establish one that meets your specific needs and those of your family.

A family trust lawyer can help you explore all of your options when it comes to creating a trust that is specifically designed to achieve your goals.


Probate is the necessary court procedure to transfer assets from the estate of a deceased person to his or her heirs. Probate is required in many cases whether the person died with or without a last will and testament.

While probate is usually an uncontested and straight-forward proceeding, having a designated probate lawyer can help make sure that your final wishes are carried out to the letter, and that the overall process is as streamlined as possible.

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